Permanent positions provide stability and consistency
As a professional, you want to know you can build your life and plan your long term future.
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Take your career to new heights by finding a job that escalates your current career position.
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Find a job that helps you increase your long-term security through effective perks.
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Fingertip Recruitment specialise in placing candidates in permanent positions. We have a dedicated team who identify ideal job positions for ideal candidates. When moving from one job to the next, it is critical to ensure there is improvement and career escalation. We identify top achievers who are ready to take the next step in their careers and we identify suitable jobs that aim to increase salary and improve future prospects. Get your CV to us and we will find your next big job.

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The UK economy has show positive growth for the past 2 years. Most firms are experiencing stability and becoming profitable again according to government figures published 2014.
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Many businesses had to downsize during the recession years but now is time to grow. An effective recruitment strategy is critical in achieving stable and consistent growth. At the centre of real growth is a nucleus of high achieving professionals.

Fingertip Recruitment is on hand to help you find the right staff who can help you achieve growth. We help you hire staff who have a proven pedigree in their sectors. For the right candidate we recommend you create position. Contact us today for a no obligation chat and we can explain how our process works.