Contracting provides freedom and flexibility
“As a contractor you are not tied into a long-term contract. When contract period expires you can renew or move on. Simple. But best of all are the pay rates.”
W. Kapapiro - MD
flexible conditions
Contracting offers short placements and higher salaries allowing you flexibility through the year.
self tax assessments
Contractors are obliged to make their own tax arrangements, allowing you to earn more.
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Specialist  Recruiters for Senior Executives

Fingertip Recruitment have exclusive vacancies for Contractors across various sectors.  We have several clients who look for experienced contractors who can bring experience ad expertise. Candidates with proven track-record who can hit the ground from day one with very little training. Do you fit this description?

If so, then contracting may be for you. We find vacancies in Project Management across various sectors. Contact us to enquire current openings.

Contract Placements
For Employers
Looking for Staff?
Are you looking for  experienced contractors who can hit the ground running? Candidates who can get the job done with very little training? Are you looking for an agency who charge less for more?
 Short-term position
 Higher pay rates 
 Self tax assessment
 Flexible hours
 Contract renewals 
 Flexible locations

Fingertip Recruitment are your one stop shop for all your staffing needs. We provide security vetted staff who can join your business and deliver performance from day one. Our candidates’ references are verified by our in house auditing team. And we filter staff by assessing work-based capability before sending them out for interviews.

Best of all, Fingertip Recruitment offers some of the most competitive rates for our services.We are currently offering 10% discount on all new clients ordering from us for the first time. We also offer special offers for all contract renewals and extensions. Call us today for more details.